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Cat Hates Everyone, Especially Children

Angry cat that hates everyone

Nanoos the cat is not your typical house cat, mainly because she hates everyone and hisses and swats at people, especially small children!

The owner of Nanoos the cat believes that Nanoos dislikes happiness and being around people. In the video the owner states “if we’re all in the patio having fun, she just comes and she tries to kill any sense of joy and laughter around her.” The owner also states why she believes her cat hates children “it’s because of their innocence and their happiness, and [Nanoos] doesn’t like happiness”.

Suprisingly though there is one person that Nanoos the cat does like! It appears that Nanoos likes the owners dad. It is unexplained why the dad gets a free pass in the cats book but he seems to enjoy being the special gifted likable human.

Watch Nanoos below

Even though Nanoos the cat hates everyone, the public seem to like her. This video nearly has 6 million views!

Well done Nanoos, you are the most famous angry cat on the internet at the moment!

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1 Comment

Oct 03, 2022

yo that is soo funny🤣🤣🤣

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