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Cat Is Petrified Of Farts

The cat that hates farts

Hold on to your catnip, folks, because we have a new speed demon in town! Meet Andrea Von Speed, the kitty who's taking TikTok by storm. She has over 2 million followers!

This acrobatic tuxedo cat can run, climb, and jump her way through any obstacle course, all while looking like a tiny owl.

But don't let her fierce reputation fool you – Andrea has a silly side too. Her one and only weakness is the dreaded farting noise. Yep, you heard that right. When she hears someone breaking wind, she arches her back and takes off like a rocket. You might even catch her zipping up a ladder to the attic, where she'll stare down with her big, shiny eyes.

Andrea's musical friend, Mia Phipps, insists this is the only chink in her armor. She's a speed machine who defies physics with her lightning-fast moves. But it's hard to resist giggling at her playful reaction to a little fake trumpeting aka a fart.

Watch her in action below

But wait, there's more! Apparently, normal sounds send Andrea into a frenzy too. Trash bags, vacuum cleaners, you name it – this kitty transforms into a full-blown owl when she hears something curious.

So, what's next for our fearless feline? More speed, more jumps, and more antics, of course! Her humans say she's getting even faster, so who knows what this little owl-cat hybrid will accomplish next. Just be sure to watch out for any sneak-attacks from the rear.

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