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Chinese Country Couple Makes The Internet Smile With Their Dancing

Chinese farming couple dancing

A couple from the Chinese province of Zhejiang have successfully used the power of dance to help them combat depression.

The husband was in a car accident which left him battling depression. His state was effecting their farm business and he was battling to get a restful slumber at night. he was quoted telling the South China Morning Post "I was so afraid to sleep alone. I was just scared"

His wife thought it would be a good idea for him to start doing some dancing with her and boy was she right. The power of dance has really helped them both! Now all they do is farm work and dance.

The fun certainly doesn't stop there though. The internet love these guys so much that people have been making videos of the couple dancing mixed with other songs such as Hypnotize by Notorious BIG. Watch below.

Unsurprisingly, the internet loves these awesome guys

This is true love. She helped him to stand against depression instead of deserting him in the darkness.

I love this. I love that she loved him enough to help him, that he has overcome his depression, and now they create happiness for others as well because it is lovely to see them dance. it is inspiring.

This is so beautiful and amazing it shows where love is all about each other!

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