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Cow Breaks Into Hospital Waiting Room And Attacks Everyone

Imagine you are sitting in the waiting room and all of a sudden you are running for your life from an angry cow. This was the bizarre and very unfortunate reality for the the people in the waiting room at the San Rafael hospital in Colombia.

When the cow entered the room, a group of people took shelter in the corner but this was not the safest room as old Betsy rammed them all and pinned one lady against a wall. That is one angry cow!

Fortunately nobody was seriously harmed during the incident but as you can see in the video, the room was completely trashed by the cow.

Viewer discretion advised!!

If you were wondering about the poor lady in the corner, Colombian newspaper Vanguardia stated that "the trampled woman was treated for minor contusions and pain while the rest of the patients did not seek treatment." The panicked bovine was not finished trashing things after the waiting room incident. Turns out the cow smashed two motorcycles outside the hospital entrance.

A very weird story and we are not sure if the cow just wanted a Cowvid-19 test or what, but we are glad nobody was seriously harmed either way!

What happened when the cow tried to jump the new barbed wire fence the farmer built?

Udder destruction.

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