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Crafty Dog Watches Owner Eat Without Him Noticing

Dog looks away as owner eats

This dog has mastered the art of watching his owner eat and then quickly looking away when his owner shoots him a glance.

The good boy believes he is undetected completely by his owner each time he looks over and quick as a flash the dog is examining the ceiling like nothing happened.

This is a hilarious example of why animals are so funny and we love having them as pets.

Below is the video originally posted by CONTENT Bible


D U Everyone’s girlfriend who “didn’t” want anything from McDonald’s

•ノ彡H Ø A X Owner: *looks at the dog

The dog: "Ah yes, the ceiling is made out of ceiling"

This dog is not alone either, check out another dog below watching his owner eat who also looks away when his owner looks at him. This dog chooses to look away into the distance instead of inspecting the ceiling like the first doggo. Both effective techniques though!

So why do some dogs look away when you catch them watching you eat?

This is actually thought to be a primal thing. If a dog looks at another dog when they're eating, it is seen as a challenge for their food. It is both threatening and challenging behavior. So these lovely dogs are ensuring that their owners know that they wouldn't dream of challenging and fighting them for their food, but at the same time, they are unable to resist checking out the delicious food!

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