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Dog Flies Down Stairs In Hilarious Video

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Tank The Bull Terrier Flies Down Stairs

"Tank" the bull terrier has his own way of travelling down a full flight of stairs and it is extremely efficient to say the the least.

In a video which has gone viral on social media, the bull terrier "Tank" is seen walking down the stairs, but half way down the staircase Tank hits the brakes, runs back up to the top of the stairs and takes and running leap at them!

Tank's owner stated “His new trick was running up and down the stairs. Our house is two-storey and we just don’t go up there much. He was doing great. Then he just decided to go airborne for no reason!”

The internet is loving Tank and his stair flying action!

Dog ; Let walk down ...... screw that. Im just gonna send it !

Every time I watch this I can’t stop laughing best dog of the year

I've watched this video too many times and its hilarious EVERY SINGLE TIME. I love that he stops to get a running start and then is probably singing in his head I believe I can fly.

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