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Fearless Dog Loves Paragliding With Owner

Man paragliding with his Samoid dog over the French Alps.

Ouka the Samoid dog and his owner love to take flight and paraglide through the clouds and blue sky.

The flying dog owners name is Adrien, 40 and he works as an adventure film director. Together the pair have gone viral with a spectacular video of them flying over the beautiful Col du Granon mountain pass in the French Alps.

The Samoid dog Ouka lies comfortably in his specially constructed harness which ensures that Ouka is both safe and comfortable for his journeys through the sky.

Owner Adrien shows on his Instagram how spent time ensuring Ouka learnt how to take off properly, became comfortable about being close to the paraglider, and he gave the dog treats. He ensured that Ouka would be comfortable flying and not stressed before they took to the skies together.

It is not everyday that you see a man riding a dog. The closest thing that people had ever seen to this before was in "The Neverending Story" when the young boys Atreyu and Bastion were riding the luck dragon Falkor on cinema screens back in 1984.

You can watch Ouka the flying Samoid below as the pair fly peacefully in something that could be described as a magical fantasy movie scene.

The comments have nearly been as entertaining as the video

Imagine you're a bystander on the ground, and all of a sudden.....a big, solid, brown, stanky, coiled-up sh*t just plops on your face from the gods themselves.

At the beginning I thought your dog wasn't real ; It's so beautiful , this looks like a movie .

How do you land I don't get it ?this reminds me of the movie never ending story lol

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