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Funny Jokes About Gas Prices

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Funny Joke about man robbing a guy for his petrol

We have put together a hilarious collection of jokes about how high gas prices currently are.

Some people call it petrol, some call it gas but one thing they both agree on is that fuel is super expensive at the moment. Hopefully our jokes about high fuel prices at least give you something to smile about while you slowly go broke each time you fill up.

Let's start off with some one liner fuel jokes.

Today I got gas for $1.57.

Unfortunately it was at Taco Bell.

I used to only be able to fit $150 of fuel in my car. Now I can fit $200 worth! I have no idea why everyone is complaining.

Gas prices are so high that people are cutting the floors out of their cars and channelling their inner flintstones.

Air used to be free at the gas station and now it is $2. Do you know why?


Did you see the price of fuel has reached $4.20?

Apparently it is pretty high.

I was robbed at the gas station today.

I called the police and they asked me if I knew who did it?

I told them, "yes, it was pump number 5."

Why did the Art thief's van run out of petrol?

He had no Monet to buy Degas to make the Van Gogh.

Petrol prices are now so high that a company is selling a fuel that is derived from insect urine.

I believe it is called BP.

They have electric cars and now they are inventing a car the runs on snails to help battle high gas prices. It is named the "S Car."

I can't carry 10 litres of petrol.

But Jerry can.

Are you sweating when you fill up your vehicle?

You may have the new car owner virus.

The bloke next to me on pump 2 just put $10 worth of gas into his car.

Where does he think he is going? pump 3?

Petrol prices have become so crazy that I went to get a value on my car online today and the first question was if the tank was empty or full.

Fuel prices have become out of control!

I went to pay at the pump today and my options were, cash, credit card, kidney or soul.

It may sound weird but apparently that's what makes the S Car go.

Gas prices are so high...

That even Covid stopped travelling.

How about some high fuel price memes too.

Car Fainting Because Fuel Prices Are SO High

Fuel prices are so high that even cars are passing out over the shock.

Fuel Prices So High that a crane is required joke

You know things are serious when they are breaking out cranes to reach those high high petrol prices!

Funny Meme About The Flintstones and Fuel Prices

It seems that The Flintstones knew that the future held excessive petrol prices.

Funny Jaws Film Joke about high fuel prices

No, not a bigger boat, a bigger sign! If you don't know the film Jaws then this joke may be lost on you.

Funny joke about having a date at the gas station

Stuck on ideas about where to take your partner for their birthday? If they have expensive taste then look no further than the gas station.

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