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Giant Crab Versus Golfers

Giant Crab vs Golfer

An Aussie golfer by the name of Al has gone viral after a run in with a giant crab on Christmas Island in Australia.

In the hilarious video, the Aussie golfer is trying to remove an enormous Coconut Crab that has attached itself to his golf clubs.

According to Paul Buhner who recorded the video, it couldn't have happened to a more perfect person when it happened to his mate Al. Paul told, "He's been up there 20 years plus. Al will tell you he runs the show. Which makes it even funnier that this happened to him," Paul stated. "We think there was some old fruit in Al's golf bag."

Coconut crabs are the largest crustacean in the world, not only can they lift up weight of over 60 pounds but they have a grip which is 10 times stronger than the grip strength of a human.

Watch below as the golfer takes on the giant coconut crab that is not about to let go of his Taylormade driver!

The internet is impressed by the huge crustacean


Imagine you're having a peaceful game and a coconut crab comes along and snaps your clubs in half 🤣

Frog Minus

clearly that crab just saw you guys playing and wanted a turn!

Mike Splatt

That’s why I always bring garlic butter to the links.

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