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Hawaiian House Has A Toilet In The Kitchen?

Hawaiian house that has a toilet in the kitchen

On the outside this looks like a completely normal house, but on the inside there is something very peculiar about this house. There is a toilet right in the heart of the kitchen!

The house is located in Kapaau, Haiwaii. If you have always dreamed about owning a house where you can take a dump and cook a steak at the same time then you are in luck, it is for sale! You can check out the listing which has plenty more photos here .

The property is located on hospital road and we can only hope that there actually is a hospital on that road because that is exactly what you will be needing if you keep eating in the same location as where you release your bowels.

A toilet located in the kitchen

The asking price for the 4 bedroom house is $725k USD. Would you pay $725k so you can crap where you can eat? I wouldn't.

The property does have a lot of fruit tress which is great and fruit can have a laxative effect on some people. Maybe that has to do with this bonus lavatory. Who knows

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