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Football Hooligans Sing Savage Garden And It Is Magic!

The idea of a bunch of hard football hooligans singing the romantic love song "Truly Madly Deeply" by Savage Garden sounds like an absolute disaster waiting to happen. This was not the case though, not at all.

The gents singing this song are the "HardChorus" and were put together as part of an advertising campaign for Puma for the 2010 Football World Cup.

The video features real football fans and they are chanting it like you better be listening or they will knock you out!

The video was extremely successful for Puma who managed to more than double weekly store sales and also sent over 1.8 million visitors to the Puma online store.

The Youtube video has nearly 6 million views and as always, the comments have provided us with laughter.

When the pubs finally re-open after Corona lockdown

Vinesh Soares First beer with the boys

Me: I really love her

7 pints later

Me and the Boys outside her house:

323guiltyspark I would pay money to go to a concert of soccer hooligans covering nineties pop songs.

Now the fun doesn't stop there, in 2019 the Australian Pub Choir Charity also covered this 90s hit by Savage Garden. It is not quite as aggressive but more of a joyous rendition. Watch the heart warming rendition below. The Pub Charity Choir managed to raise $134,831 for Women's Legal Service Queensland.

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