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11 Year Old Rapper Has Insane Skills

11 year old rapper "Inkabee" rapping with his dad

Ethan Eggington who goes by the rap name Inkabee, was just seven-years-old when he wrote his first rap! Now he is out there crushing it on one of Australias biggest radio stations Triple J.

Young Inkabee was quoted by ABC in Australia saying "My dad is a rapper, and I grew up around him and I felt inspired to write my music."

His father Joshua Eggington is also a very talent hip-hop artist, who goes by the name of Flewnt.

Watch below as father and son (Flwent and Inkabee) absolutely set the studio of Triple J on fire with a jaw dropping performance.

Unsurprisingly, the internet loves these guys.

Inkabee only 11 and already bout to take over the world, well done lads this is the best booth spits I’ve seen yet

Wicked flow Lads !!....keep doing what you do. mad respect from Aotearoa { New Zealand)

yep, this is the best. Breaking new ground in this country!The look of pride on dad's face when the young fella talks

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