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Husky Dog Doesn't Want To Swim

Husky doesn't want to swim

This Husky was been taken to the pool for a little bit of swimming but instead of jumping in the pool like the other dogs, the husky decided to give us an oscar performance with some passionate acting and drama.

So why didn't this dog want to swim? According to , some Husky breeds are just not swimmers. It is thought that even though Huskies were bred to pull sleds in cold climates, they would not swim in these cold temperatures because their coats would freeze. If you do happen to own a Husky there are some good tips in the above link on how to manage swimming with your pet Husky.

Some of the top comments have been

devilsephiroth Complains yet floats like a log

If you notice before the husky jumps in, it is already fully wet. The baby is being dramatic despite knowing she likes to swim. Damn huskies. Fortunately her fear of the other dogs enjoying themselves while she was not enjoying herself was enough to motivate her to jump in and enjoy herself.

My husky looooves the water so long as she doesn't get out of her depth. Minute her feet are off the bottom she acts like she's about to die. Despite being able to swim just fine.

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