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Absolute Jumbo Aussie Cow "Knickers" Goes Viral

Knickers The Giant Cow

An extremely large cow by the name of "Knickers" has taken the internet by storm and won the hearts of many cow lovers across the world.

Knickers is an Western Australian cow that weighs in at 1,400kg (220 stone) and

has grown to a remarkable height of 1.94m or 6 foot 4. There is only one cow out there bigger and his name is Bellino. Bellino live in Italy and stands at 2.02 metres tall. Mama Mia!

Knickers owner Geoff Pearson said “It’s out of control,” . “I didn’t expect it to go as far as it has. I’ve been called every 10 minutes since four o’clock this morning.”

Knickers grew to his impressive size for a couple of reasons, he wasn't sent to the meatworks at the usual age of 2 or 3 so he had a chance to fully develop but he was also blessed with some serious growing genes.

Below is some footage of the impressive beast

Aussies have always taken a liking to jumbo things in their country.

They have the following "big" attractions already.

The Big Banana Fun Park in Coffs Harbour

The Big Pineapple in Sunshine Coast Queensland

The Big Lobster in Kingston South Australia

The Big Prawn in West Ballina NSW,

The Big Merino in Goulburn New South Wales

The Big Potato in Robertson NSW

The Giant Koala in Victoria

The Big Golden Guitar in Tamworth, NSW

The Big Watermelon In Queensland

As for Knickers? Don't worry, he is not going to be turned into Fred Flintstone sized steaks. Knickers is now safe and won't be going to the abattoir according to his owner “He’s too big for the chain, he’s out of spec, he’d be too heavy for the machines and he’d probably actually be hanging on the floor, so there would be contamination issues, and his cuts of meat would be too large,” Pearson said

So that means that means Knickers can spend the rest of his life on the large 3,000-acre property, with 4,000 other cows.

“He just hangs around, he’s part of the furniture,” Pearson says. “Obviously he’s gained some stardom – that’s changed his identity a little bit.

“We’ll have to see what happens with that.”.

What happened when the cow tried to jump the new barbed wire fence the farmer built?

Udder destruction.

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