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Lady In Lingerie Jumps Into Frozen Lake And Fails

Russian lady Victoria Kushnir has been an internet hit since 2018 when she decided to jump into a frozen lake in Balashikha, Russia.

So why did she choose to perform this act? It is common for Russians to jump into really cold cold lakes as a celebration for the new year or for Epiphany, which is a celebration of the baptism of Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately for Victoria she didn't check how frozen the lake was and she ended up bouncing on the lake instead of swimming in it as you can see in the video here on Viral Hog.

So you are probably wondering what happened to Victoria? Did she break any bones?

The worst of her injuries was a fracture in her leg. She was quoted on VK saying “I didn't see that it was frozen, I didn't get bruises, my leg was hurt the most (a fracture),”

Moral of the story? Don't jump into water if it is frozen!

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