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Lady In Orchestra Gets Thumped With Mallet

Woman gets hit with orchestra mallet

In Saskatchewan, Canada, The University of Regina Wind Ensemble Fall Concert on Dec. 4 2018 was going splendidly until the bloke hitting the huge bass drum had a slight error mid performance.

They were playing Gustav Holst's First Suite in E Flat. and according to the man Brennan Kowalski who was in charge of the big mallet.

He said "At the end of the first movement of the suite, there are three massive bass drum shots that are supposed to be very loud and very prominent," .

"The first two went great," Kowalski said. "The third one, I knew even winding up for it, the beater felt a little slippy, but I let it go anyway — and then the bass drum beater flew out of my hand."

So who was the lady that got donked on the head by the mallet? Her name is Hannah Wildman and she was also a percussionist in the band.

The mallet hit her smack bang in the forehead. The good news is that she was ok.

And of course, here are some of the popular comments about the incident.

Life comes at you fast

I can't stop watching and laughing. She took his mallet

Now that was a big finale”

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