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Lady Plays Chicken With Cup Of Coffee Over Laptop... And Fails

If there are two things in life that don't mix well it is electrical goods and liquids, and a cheeky lady found this out the hard way when she tipped a cup of coffee onto her laptop.

She jokingly waves her cup of coffee over her computer and says "Oh Oh I am going to pour it over my computer" but to her surprise she actually does end up spilling the coffee all over her laptop. Whoops!

Speculation has been made as to what was keeping the coffee from falling out of the cup initially. One user seems to know her coffee and gives a very plausible explanation

looks like it’s an ice cap, when you put a warm drink in a freezer the top will freeze first.

The internet seems to like this video..

Why is this so very satisfying?

Coffee and MacBook. Can't think of two things that I've seen more often in my life.

One thing that is for sure and that is you should treat every coffee cup as if it were loaded!

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