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Lockdown Brings Teddy Bears To Life In NZ

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Lockdown can be both boring and also scary for some people too.

In New Zealand the people are allowed to go out for one walk a day. To make this walk a little more fun and exciting for the kids, people are putting Teddy Bears in their windows in a movement called "We're Not Scared" - NZ Bear Hunt.

There is also an absolutely brilliant free online series featured below called "Anthony's Windows". It is a story about a bunch of Bears living in a house and watching all the people through their windows. This series created by "Motion and Light" is a must watch for all children and any Teddy lovers.

I interviewed Shay Horay who plays Darryl Bear aka"Tinsel D" and asked him why they made Anthony's Windows?

"It stemmed from Jacinda (NZ Prime Minister) calling for teddy's in the windows. To give the kids something to look forward to on the daily walk. Which lets face it is prob the highlight of the day. In crazy times like this its best to make it like a game for the little ones. This means things like anxiety and fear become a lesser thought. So it's for the kids but in turn it helps the parents."

We at Keep Laughing Forever love these episodes. Keep em coming please!

Anthony's Windows - Episode 1

Anthony's Windows - Episode 2

Anthony's Windows - Episode 3

To follow the NZ Bear Hunt you can check out their Facebook Page Here

Stay safe everyone, and keep your eyes peeled for Anthony and his Bear Buddy's in your neighbourhood windows.

Make sure that you share this with any parents you know and also any Teddy lovers too!


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