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Ma, There's A Weird Cat Outside!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Ma, theres a weird cat outside
Wilfred The Cat

Comedian Michael Rapaport has had a video go viral where he appears to have a meeting with a weird looking cat and yells out "ma, there's a weird f**king cat outside!"

In the video Michael appears to be frightful and is also concerned that this scary weird stray cat may be a threat to their family cat Lucy.

He even goes on to say that the cat "looks like Grandma, the f**king thing". Well, we don't know what his grandma looks like, but I am sure it is nothing like this oddball cat.

It turns out that the comedian had just dubbed over the original video which has "Wilfred" the Chinchilla Persian cat just chilling out in the backyard.

Wilfred has a serious under bite and extreme bulging eyes but is also pretty much a normal domestic house cat who loves the outdoors. Wilfred enjoys spending time at the "bottom of the garden" even though he "knows that he is not allowed to go to the bottom of the garden." 

Wilfred truly is a chilled out cat and not highly strung as her appearance would suggest. Owner Ms Millward said that Wilfred has even joined her on a cheeky trips to the pub with friends!

Wilfred really is a famous cat. He has 1.1m followers on Instagram! If you wish to follow him you can do so at WifredWarrior.

The comedian Michael Rapaport actually had to remove the video from Instagram because of "cat shaming", another example of the woke world we live in I guess.

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