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Man breaks into 82 year old lady's house - Gets more than he bargained for

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

82 year old Willie Murphy is not your average grandma, she is an award winning bodybuilding champ and as you can see in the video below, she is pretty damn strong.

Grandma Murphy was having a quiet night at her house when a strange man came to her front door requesting medical help from her and asking for her to call an ambulance.

Grandma Murphy is a kind lady so did as she was requested and went to dial for help. The strange man then proceeded to break in to her house by knocking the door down and stumbled into Grandma Murphy's house.

Unfortunately for this man he decided to mess with the wrong woman who reacted quickly, grabbed one of her nearby tables and started swinging it at the intruder. Grandma Murphy didn't miss either, after smashing a table on the intruder she kept smacking the guy with one of the tables legs!

Grandma Murphy didn't leave it there either! She then covered the intruders face with baby shampoo.

Luckily for the intruder, the police arrived shortly after the incident to take the man away.

Grandma Murphy was quoted saying “It was kind of semi-dark, I’m alone, and I’m old, but guess what — I’m tough,” .

The intruder had to be be taken to hospital where they confirmed he was drunk. We hope that this guy has learnt his lesson not to mess with the elderly people in the community.

George The Monkey

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