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Man Who Keeps Slipping On Ice Puddle Goes Viral

Man slipping on frozen puddle

A man has become a smash hit overnight by having an unfortunate but hilarious slipping experience on a frozen puddle.

The man who is slipping is TikToker therealgrandcanyon201947. His caption is extremely appropriate on the original TikTok video "the world is my treadmill".

Most of us know what it is like to slip on a frozen puddle but we usually don't get the mishap on film and we usually fall down straight away unlike the bloke in this video who keeps slipping for a solid 15 seconds!

Watch the hilarious continuous ice slipping below.

A word to the wise, be on the lookout for frozen puddles this winter!

As expected, the comments have not let us down

The 2 second "Tom Cruise Run" at 0:16 gets me for this video.

This guys going places, maybe not places but places

Bro was falling for 2 whole business days

At one point he really just committed and started running on it like a treadmill 💀

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