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Man Marries Himself After 17 Failed Relationships

French  Guy Who Married Himself

A French guy recently tied the knot with himself after a string of 17 relationship flops - talk about committing to true love! The wedding selfie he posted on Facebook really broke the internet.

The groom, Antoine Chauval, looked absolutely stunning in his wedding gown, a masterpiece blending both men's and women's styles. It was a tailor's dream come true, fitting him like a glove!

After a cascade of failed romances, Antoine decided to make it official with himself, much to the amusement of social media users. One commenter cheekily suggested Antoine will have a blast on their honeymoon!

But, the solo wedding trend is catching on. Remember Diogo and Vitor? Their love story took a turn when Vitor got cold feet last minute, leading to a lavish ceremony where Diogo said "I do" to... himself! Love truly knows no bounds, even if it means putting a ring on your own finger! Diogo and Vitor also made headlines back in November 2019 when Vitor backed out of their engagement, prompting Diogo to celebrate their love in a ceremony meant just for one. Love sure has some unexpected twists and turns!

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