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Man Puts Out Lit Blowtorches With His Mouth

People have many different hobbies, some enjoy fishing, some enjoy knitting but as for Ashrita Furman, he enjoys putting out lit blowtorches with his mouth.

In fact Ashrita is so good at extinguishing blowtorches that he actually holds the Guiness World Record of putting out 47 blowtorches in 1 minute. Don't believe me? Watch him in action below.

Ashrita is no stranger to breaking and setting world records. In fact he has set over 700 records since 1979!

He holds the record for something he invented called gluggling which is juggling underwater and he also holds the record for sack distance racing among others such as Hopping on a kangaroo ball and distance pool cue balancing. More about Ashrita on his wikipedia page .

Now as for putting out blowtorches with your mouth? We strongly recommend that you do not try this at home and leave this madness to the professional Ashrita Furman. He obviously knows what he is doing and unless you have have a really strange upbringing, you don't know and will get burnt!

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