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Man Spends $15k To Look Like A Dog

Man who paid money to look like a dog

A Japanese man has gained attention online for spending over $15,000 on an incredibly realistic dog costume to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a dog. This viral sensation, nicknamed "Good Boy," has captured the hearts of many after a video of him dressed as Lassie was posted on YouTube and social media amassing millions of views.

To achieve this canine transformation, Good Boy turned to Zeppet, a company that specializes in creating costumes for TV commercials and films. After investing a whopping $15,709, it took 40 days and several iterations to bring his furry fantasy to life.

When asked about his inspiration, Good Boy shared, "I have always admired quadrupedal animals, especially the cute ones. Among them, I felt that having a large animal close to me would provide a more realistic experience, so I decided to become a dog."

He chose to portray a collie because its long hair can obscure the human form, and collies also happen to be his favorite breed. In the video, Good Boy showcases his remarkable impersonation skills, waving, rolling over, and engaging in other convincingly natural dog behaviors. Additional clips highlight him playing fetch and cuddling with stuffed animals.

You can watch him below in this video clip.

The most remarkable aspect of his transformation is the incredibly realistic dog costume itself, which appears almost computer-generated. This effect required meticulous attention to detail, as Zeppet had to shape the animal costume perfectly to fit the human body.

An unnamed design employee explained their process, stating, "The key was being able to reproduce the dog's skeletal structure on a human frame. Since the skeletal structures are inherently different, we invested a significant amount of time in studying how to make it resemble a 'dog.' Additionally, we gathered photographs from various angles to recreate the collie's beautiful coat and made sure that it flowed naturally."

Good Boy's dedication to his canine dreams has truly captivated audiences, showcasing the unique and extraordinary ways in which people choose to express themselves.

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