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Keep Laughing Forever is a webpage dedicated to making you laugh!

  • The funniest collection of jokes and articles on the net.

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The funniest jokes on the net including kiwi jokes, aussie jokes, dad jokes, funny riddles, insult jokes, animal jokes, food jokes, blonde jokes and pirate jokes

Hilarious message to us from Michael Winslow who was in Police Academy!

Plus his breath taking Led Zeppelin impersonation.

Clothing Range

Keep Laughing Forever has two ranges of high quality apparel.

Firstly there is the signature range of t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts.

We also have a range of Aussie and Kiwi t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts.

Joke of the Day

26th Feb 2020

I have always admired fisherman, they are reel men.


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Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and now Twitter too!

I wanted to create a website dedicated to laughter and positivity, the name I came up with speaks for itself "Keep Laughing Forever". I think we all need a little bit more laughter in our lives so I created a page with my favourite jokes on it. Yes, there are even some really really bad cheesey "dad" jokes on here too because sometimes the worse the joke, the funnier it is!

As for the clothing range, I wanted all the Keep Laughing Forever visitors and fans of the page to be able to share a positive message with everyone by wearing stylish Hoodies and T-Shirts with an uplifting message. I grew up in New Zealand and Australia so there is a special selection of Aussie Hoodies, Aussie T-shirts. Kiwi Hoodies and Kiwi Tees for all of the visitors and fans from Australasia.



Enjoy people! And Keep Laughing Forever!


B-Man and George The Monkey