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Man Sticks 9 Creme Eggs Up His Bum

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Man sticks 9 creme eggs up his bum

A 34 year old gent from Lancashire in the UK has achieved a pretty serious goal. He has jammed 9 Cadburys Creme Eggs up his butthole.

Bruce Patterson is the talented gent. In 2010 he jammed 6 of the Creme Eggs up his anus and in 2015 he smashed his own record by putting 9 up his bum.

Bruce was awarded the prestigious art award the Turner Prize, for jamming a total of 9 Cadbury’s Crème Eggs up his bunny-hole over the Easter weekend.

The award, which was previously been awarded for a dead shark, and for Tracey Emin lying in bed drinking vodka in her pants and then not tidying up, was the instant and obvious choice by curators and critics. Its creator has been hailed as a genius and a legend.

If you are reading this article with a degree of concern for mankind, you can stop worrying. A reddit user has put all of minds at ease.

TYL the Sunday Sport is a joke paper that prints outlandish bullshit articles that are patently untrue. Check wiki. Think National Enquirer

Yes, it appears that this is all a spoof article and not to be taken seriously. But we do have some pretty weird and crazy articles that are true.

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