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Man Tries To Get Vaccine In Fake Arm

Man uses fake arm to get vaccine

An Italian antivaxxer man has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. He thought it would be a great idea to use a fake arm for his jab so that he could get his vaccine passport without actually getting the vaccine.

The incident took place in Biella, northwest Italy. The man in his 50's showed up for his vaccine with a skin toned silicone arm but the guy wasn't fooling anyone.

So why would the man decide to try this stunt? Well as of December a “Super Green Pass” which shows proof of vaccination or proof that you have recently had the virus will be required to attend museums, theatres, sporting events and to dine inside restaurant establishments.

How did the incident go down? The Italian man initially filled out all the paperwork and the consent form in front of a doctor, the man then sat down in front of the nurse and rolled up his sleeve in preparation for the jab.

At first the nurse thought that everything was business as usual until she touched it and saw it was very suspicious. The nurse then asked the man to take his shirt off and he was busted. The unnamed man pleaded for the nurse to play along but the nurse was having none of that.

The nurse told La Stampa daily Newspaper she could not see the man’s veins: “At first I thought I made a mistake, that it was a patient with an artificial arm.”

Definitely a bizarre story. We recommend that you use your real arm when you get your vaccines, they tend to work better that way.

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