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People Falling To Phil Collins Drum Fill Is Hilarious

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Phil Collins and his drums

Phil Collins song "In The Air Tonight" is still as popular as ever with a hilarious internet craze going around where people take the drum fill in Phil Collins hit song "In The Air Tonight" and mix it with the sound of someone falling over.

First up we have a kid who has a run in with some wheelie bins. The kid on his bike probably didn't have Phil Collins on his mind at the time he was flying down the hill, but now he has became a pretty effective pseudo drummer for the artist. Good to see the young dude wearing a helmet to protect his melon.

Next up is a person who has exceptional timing with their stumbling and crashing. It is poetry how their crashing action matches up with the Phil Collins drum fill.

The next bloke that crashes to the drum fill came prepared. He even brought a guitar for the occasion! He seems very surprised, possibly he is shocked that his crash is sounding just like the famous Collins drum fill.

It is not just humans that are able to channel the song "In The Air Tonight" when they are having a spill. Apparently this deer has a potential drum career future if he can locate a Phil Collins tribute band. It doesn't even need drumsticks, the hooves do the trick nicely.

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