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Top Ten Celebrities As Bread?

From Bread Sheeran to Bread Pitt we have complied a list of our favourite celebrities with a twist, they have been morphed into various bread related rolls, cakes and loaves.

10. Coming in at number ten we have Bun Jovi. Bun Jovi are famous for hits such as "It's My Loaf" and "You Give Loaf A Bad Name".

9. At number nine we have Elvis and Pretzella Pretzley. You probably rember Elvis Pretzley from his huge hit songs "Pretzelhouse Rock" and "Are You Pretzel Tonight".

8. At number eight we have one of the best looking slices out there, "Bread Pitt". Bread is famous for various blockbuster films such as "Bread Club" and "Inglorious Baguettes". He even has his own Bread Pitt song!

7. At number seven with have a very clever piece of toast, "Thomas Breadison". This genius invented the incandescent light-grain bulb and also the telephone for crumb-munication. What a guy!

6. At number six we have Ryehanna who is famouus for hit songs such as "We found Bread" and "Umbreadella". Her music really is top shelf stuff.

5. Coming in at number five we have Sylvester Stallscone. You probably remember going to the cinema or possibly bakery to watch his films "Rocky Loafboa" or "The Expenda-buns".

4. Next on the list is Madonut. She was huge in the 80's with "Donut Don't Preach" and then went on to have the banger "Like A Donut".

3. We are into the top three now and winning the bronze or perhaps buns medal is Mr Tea Biscuit. He gained fame through the awesome 80's action packed TV show, The Grain Team.

2. Coming second we have a star that is sure to keep everyone around him as regular as can be. Russell Bran. The perfect breakfast guest for your plate.

  1. And we finally get to our winner. The most breadtastic guy in town has to be Bread Sheeran!

Hopefully you loved all of these bread themed celebs. If you dig bread jokes, make sure to check out our crumbiest bread jokes. Some of them really are crumby!

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