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Polar Bear Petting a Dog?

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Brian Ladoon was breeding Canadian Eskimo Dogs at his in Mile 5 Dog Sanctuary in Manitoba Canada and was having issues with Polar Bears on his property.

Brian had been feeding the polar bears every day to stop them eating his beloved dogs. He had nine polar bears on his land in one week and unfortunately one of his dogs was eaten by a hungry polar bear on the one night that he didn't put any food out for the bears.

As you can see in this video the polar bear appears to be a friendly fellow who is petting his new dog friend but unfortunately it is more than likely that the bear is just playing with his food according to experts.

Feeding polar bears is illegal in Manitoba for the protection of the bears (and the dogs too).

If you do feed the bears they become reliant on you as a food source and this affects their natural behavior of hunting and gathering their own food.

It is important for guard dogs to be able to roam free because if they are chained up they will not necessarily bark if a predator comes along. They also are obviously unable to run away if a big polar bear comes along who has husky on his dinner menu!

No the happiest of our stories but a very cute video nonetheless.

George The Monkey

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