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Puppy And Tiger Become Unlikely Best Friends

Updated: May 14, 2022

Baby Tiger Cub And Puppy Playing Together

When a bengal tiger cub by the name of Hunter was rejected by his mother he ended up finding the love and comfort he needed from an unlikely friend, Chelsea the puppy!

When the little tiger Hunter was born in the Farm Inn Wildlife Sanctuary in Pretoria, South Africa, Hunter was not only rejected by his mother but he was also the only cub in the litter. He was in desperate need for a little friend to play with and share his cub energy with. Enter Chelsea the German Pointer.

Chelsea is the same age as Hunter the cub and as soon as they met, they instantly became best friends and started frolicking about.

Watch the cute heartwarming video below as the pair have a bunch of fun together.

After being taken from his mother’s cage because she was acting aggressively towards him, sweet Hunter met a little german pointer named Chelsea.

Chelsea is the same age as Hunter, and from the moment they laid eyes on each other, the two instantly bonded and began playing.

These two are not the only unlikely couple of pals, read our article about the Rottweiler who became best buds with Luna The Panther here .

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