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Sesame Street Performs 80's Music!

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Sesame Street singing the 80s

80's music is good but apparently when you combine it with Sesame Street it becomes awesome!

In 2017 the gang from Sesame Street decided to perform a mashup of some of our favourite songs. We didn't even realise that Sesame Street had a "Glee Club", but they are great nonetheless.

This mashup somehow works extremely well and it is impossible to watch without cracking a smile.

For those wondering what all the original songs were, here you go.

The mashup includes

First up is Grover singing Kenny Loggin's hit song Footloose or "Loose Goose".

Then we have Rosita and her buds singing Karma Chameleon or "colors colors colors" by Boy George and Culture club.

Next up is the Two-Headed Monster singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun or "2 heads are better than one" by Cyndi Lauper.

Then comes The Count with a parody of Dexy's Midnight Runners hit track Come On Eileen.

And it wouldn't be Sesame Street without an appearance from Oscar and his buds who sing Superfreak "Super Grouch" by Rick James.

Next on the list is Elmo singing Wake Me Up Before You Go Go "Tuck Elmo In" by Wham.

Then we have Cookie Monster singing Take On Me "Bake Cookie" by A-Ha

Then comes Abby Cadabby with Journey's Don't Stop Believing "Don't Stop Your Reading"

For the finale we have Guy Smiley and friends with Rick Astley's big song Never Gonna Give You Up. "Always Gonna Be Your Friend"

Hopefully this made you smile as much as it did us. Share it with a friend and make them smile too!

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John Lyons
Jul 29, 2022

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