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Sting Has To Sit Through Someone Murdering His Song

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Awkward Photo Of Sting As His Song Is Murdered

Sting and the Police wrote the biggest selling song of 1983 which was "Every Breath You Take". It was a massive song then and still gets radio play nowadays.

The song has been covered by over 200 different artists including the likes of UB40, Gloria Gaynor, Joan Osborne and Everclear. This is great and I am sure that Sting feels proud that so many great artists have chosen to cover his hit song. One cover that Sting is not so proud of happened at the Polar Music Prize awards ceremony.

The Polar Music Prize is an award given to one contemporary musician and a classical musician. Sting was to be honored with one of these prestigious awards, but before he received his prize he had to endure listening to Puerto Rican guitar hero Jose' Feliciano and singer Jelena Krstic covering his song "Every Breath You Take" and things got very awkward very quickly.

In this video you can see that Sting and others in the crowd try to put on brave and appreciative faces as the song is murdered right before their very ears and eyes. Whilst this may not be the most pleasing video to hear, it sure does make for some hilarious viewing as the level of awkwardness is through the roof. Enjoy!

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