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T-Shirt Transforms Man Into A Ninja

Man wearing Ninja In Disguise t-shirt

There is an absolutely hilarious t-shirt that is called a Ninja In Disguise T-Shirt and it has magical powers! It has the power to turn the wearer into a ninja in just one second!

The carefully designed Ninja In Disguise t-shirt is very simple to operate. The wearer just pulls the bottom of the t-shirt over their head and they are all of a sudden wearing a ninja mask.

Granted it maybe pretty hard to see out of this ninja mask and also potentially pretty dangerous to wear if crossing a road or operating heavy machinery, but this garment is bound to get a laugh out of your friends and family.

Check out the bloke below who has mastered the art of using the Ninja In Disguise t-shirt.

Now I am sure that many of you are curious as to whether you can buy them and where abouts from? Well, you can get your very own one here

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