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The Rolling Stones With No Music Is Hilarious

Updated: Jan 30

There is a internet craze of music videos being released with no background music and they are have people in stitches with laughter.

The originator the made these famous is a bloke by the name of Mario Wienerroither who is a sound designer that strips the music video of the music and adds in hilarious sound effects instead.

Mario started a bit of a trend with these "musicless" videos and others have followed his lead. One of the musicless videos that is still doing the rounds is the musicless video to the famous hit song by the Rolling Stones "Start Me Up".

The Stones were paid a reported $3 million dollars from Microsoft to use "Start Me Up" in the ad campaign for Microsoft Windows 95 but it certainly wasn't the musicless version of the song featured below created by Christian Halse

Another hilarious musicless video created by Christian Halse is Dancing in The Dark by Bruce Springsteen.

These musicless videos truly are hysterical but I don't think that I will be adding them to my music library anytime in the near future!

No music video clips may very well be funny but if you want some dope beats for your music head to

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