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Top Jokes About Novak Djokovic And The Australian Open

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Funny Meme Novax Djocovid

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock you will be aware that there is some serious controversy going on in the tennis world, more specifically the drama around Novak Djokovic trying to enter Australia and border control trying to send him home.

This event has provided social media with hilarious memes and jokes relating to the incident, Djokovic has really been getting served (pun intended) and we have put together the funniest ones for your entertainment and for belly laughs.

Firstly, here are the memes relating to Novak trying to enter Australia

Novak Djokovic border security meme

The next episode of border control is surely going to be an absolute belter isn't it!

Roger Federer working at customs meme

With some crafty photoshopping skills, it seems that Roger Federer has been helping out at customs ensuring that Australia stays nice and safe. Good works Feds.

Funny meme about Novak Djokovic missing 2 shots

The man is still setting records in the world of tennis, even when he doesn't even take the court. New rules in 2022 Novak!

Novak Djokovic Simpsons meme

How about a throwback to the Simpsons episode where Bart offended Australia and was supposed to be given the boot! This time it seems Novak may be the one getting booted out.

Simpsons meme about Novak Djokovic

Another genius Simpsons meme. Remember when Homer tried to disguise himself?

Funny meme about Novak Djokovic Not Having a Visa To Enter Australia

Novak is now being called Novisa because he couldn't enter Australia. Maybe next time he will get his vaccine and be able to play, who knows.

Ryan Air meme about Djokovic

Even Ryan Air are getting in on the action with this hilarious Novak meme. Will hawkeye deem Novak can stay or must he go?

Novak Djokovic empty Melbourne streets meme

Apparently the protest according to Titus O'Reilly did not have a large turnout on the streets of Melbourne in the CBD.

Novak Djokovic picking fruit meme

Australia's favourite news parody website Betoota Advocate were always going to have a field day with this. They are reporting that Novak needs to go pick some fruit in Griffith to gain entry.

Novak Djokovic The Terminal Movie meme

Move over Tom Hanks, we have a new star of the film The Terminal!

But the fun doesn't stop there, here are some hilarious jokes about Novak Djokovic trying to get into Australia.

Why did Novak have to pay for his flight to Australia with his Mastercard?

Apparently his VISA doesn't work.

What did Djokovic say to his doc

tor when he asked him if he wanted a vaccine?

"No thanks, they don't call me Novaks for nothing".

Did you here about the tennis player with a really dusty house?


Novak apparently is getting kicked out of Australia by border control.

Serbs him right for not getting vaccinated.

Have you heard about the nickname for the worlds best tennis player?

Novaxx Djocovid

Australia have denied entry to Djokovic. Border control released a statement about it.

"Novak seen, no entry"

Australia said: "No one can come without vaccination".

Djokovic understood: "No 1 can come without vaccination".

The Aussie tennis fans have changed Djokovic's name from No Vak to Go Vak.

Apparently Novak Djokovic is now officially the greatest tennis returner of all time.

What did Novak Djokovic say when he saw all these memes about him?

"Am I just one big Djokovic to you"

Djokovic has apparently started an airline for the unvaccinated.

It is called "Novaks airlies".

We hope that you enjoyed these Novak Djokovic jokes.

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