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Beluga Whale plays rugby with boat crew

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

This has to be the craziest ocean antics we have ever seen! Video footage (see below) has surfaced of a Beluga whale which was recently filmed having fun with a rugby ball and a South African crew somewhere in the South Pole.

The video has the world stunned and has very quickly gone viral. In the video, the whale can be seen retrieving the ball after the crew throw the ball down field or 'down sea' as the case maybe. The crew member is seen throwing the ball from the Gemini Craft boat and the whale basically plays a simple game of fetch with the rugby ball.

Beluga Whales are reknown for being very intelligent and playful sea creatures who even know how to swim backwards! They are often very interactive with other whales and also other species.

The whale hasn't seemed to quite grasp the idea of a knock on yet but we think he makes some pretty solid runs forward and we can't really see anyone tackling him in a hurry. To be fair, it now seems pretty obvious to George The Monkey and me as to exactly why the Springboks won the rugby world cup, I mean, if you are training against whales the other human teams would seem like a walk in the park in comparison!!!

Here are some fun facts about the Beluga whale

- Beluga whales are actually one of the smallest whales in our ocean. Adult males grow to about 4 to 6 metres in length and they weigh in at about 900 to 1360 kilograms.

- Belugas are generally located in the Arctic Ocean but they often migrate south to warmer waters when the ocean starts to freeze.

- Belugas communicate with each other through various sounds including moos, clicking, clangs and whistles. They are able to mimic many different sounds around them including the sound of us talking! Hence Belugas are known as the "canaries of the sea".

- Belugas are meat eaters and eat 22 to 27kg of food each day, usually other sea life are on the menu such as clams, snails, fish, crabs, shrimp, octopus, squid and mussels. 

How about some jokes about whales

What do whales chew for fun?

Blubber gum

What do whales eat on friday nights?

Fish and ships

How do you circumcise a Jewish whale?

You have to send down four-skin divers to do the job

What is big and blue and hangs around the seas bottom

Moby's dick!

I heard this whale joke, it is a real killer!

What happens when you cross an elephant with whale?

You get a rather large submarine that has a built in snorkel

What is a whales favourite sandwich?

Krilled cheese

Why should you never make a contract with a whale?

They will eventually breach

What do you call a group of whales playing music together?

An orca-stra


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