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Funny Pranks And Practical Jokes - The Ultimate Guide For 2024

People have been playing practical jokes and pranks on each other since caveman times. In a nut shell, a practical joke aka prank is a sneaky trick that you play on a person leaving them feeling either confused, embarrassed, angry or possible all three. The day of the year which is most famous for pranks is April fools day but there are no rules saying that you can't prank people all year around. We have put together the ultimate list for pranks and practical jokes, choose your targets carefully though people!

Screenshot_2021-04-11 The joke's on them
cold water.gif

Shower Pranks

Are you looking to prank your friend when they are taking a shower?


Where's The Shampoo Prank

Simply unscrew their shampoo container and cover up the hole with tape or plastic before screwing the top back on again. They will be squeezing and struggling but no shampoo will come out until they remove the cap again. If you want to  take this shower prank one step further you can use super glue to stick the lid down permanently on their shower products.

Neverending Shampoo Prank


Another shampoo related prank is to sneak up behind your victim who is taking their shower and when they are shampooing their hair, just keep adding a little bit of shampoo to their head. This is demonstrated in the gif below, you have to pretty much be as sneaky as a ninja to get away with this one though.








Sticky Greasy Shampoo Prank


You can always add some vegetable oil to their shampoo container. Simply unscrew the lid and then add your preferred amount of vegetable oil to their shampoo depending on how evil you are feeling. Mwahaha




Soap That Won't Work Prank


Grab your victims bar of soap and give it a coat of varnish. They will be extremely confused when their bar of soap will no lather up no matter how hard they scrub their armpits!



The Cold Shower Prank

You have heard of the ice bucket challenge, well for this prank you do the same preparation that you would for the ice bucket challenge, you simply prepare a bucket full of cold water and ice cubes and when your victim is taking their shower, you simply enter the bathroom and pour that lovely ice cold water over the shower curtain onto your victim.


Kool-Aid In Shower Head Prank


Would you like to change the color of your victims shower water to blue, green or maybe red? No problem! Simply unscrew your victims shower head and insert some kool-aid (drink powder), your color of choice and rescrew the shower head back on. As the water passes through the kool-aid it will magically change color and your victim will be extremely shocked and confused! If you use red candy, the shower will resemble something from a horror movie!

The video below demonstrates how it is done as this lady pranks her partner.


The Missing Clothes Shower Prank

For this shower prank you need to use your best tip toe skills. When your victim jumps in the shower, sneak into the bathroom and steal their clothes, if you want to take this step one step further you can also nab their towel so they will have to use their hands to cover their private parts! Works best if you get them when they are taking a shower in a public place such as the gym.

Where Has The Water Gone Prank

Wait for your victim to lather themself up with shampoo and soap and then head outside and turn the water off at the mains! This is liable to make them pretty mad so while you are outside you may want to head off for an hour or two!

Office Pranks



The Magic Mouse Prank


For a great office prank, connect a wireless mouse to a co workers computer. You will be able to control their cursor from anywhere in the wireless mouse range which is usually about 30 feet (9 metres)! You can click on various things on their screen or just move their cursor randomly when they are trying to get their work done and they won't suspect a thing! You can get these super cheap on Amazon.

office rage.gif

The Pictures Everywhere Office Prank


Cut out pictures from a magazine and stick them all over your colleagues workspace. It is up to you to decide whether you want to use something tame like the person below did on this (picture courtesy of reddit), or maybe you want to ramp things up a little and sticky naughty pictures eveywhere, it depends on the colleague and whether you want to make them laugh or embarrass the hell out of them!

Screenshot_2021-04-12 34 of the Best Off

The Smelly Office Prank

Liquid Ass! There is a reason that Liquid Ass is the highest selling prank item on Amazon, it is because it creates a terrible smell like ass that truly is unexplainable. Have you ever smelled an awful odour and not been able to locate where the stench is coming from? It is damn frustrating to say the least. For this prank, just get some "Liquid Ass" which you can get cheap on Amazon below and spray your victims office in a couple of random spots, I recommend somewhere that is hard to access like right under their desk. Their office visitors will think they farted or possibly stood in a steamy dog turd.


The Singing Office Prank

All you need to do for this prank is order a singing telegram for a co-worker. I had a friend have this done to him on Valentines Day by a buddy and the great part about this is that it is embarrassment that goes on and on and they can't really escape it! Watch them as they squirm uncomfortably while being serenaded in front of all of their co-workers. Just call up a singing telegram service and make the order from a secret admirer. Note, this works best when ordered for a male colleague!

Screenshot_2021-04-13 Musical serenade s


The Office Balloons Prank

Imagine coming back from a holiday and finding your office loaded with balloons. Balloons can be great fun if it is just one or two but having to deal with an office fullof them would be a nightmare. You would have to endure the popping noise of them all when getting rid of them so the this is the prank that keeps giving! Balloons are a cheap prank too, you can get 120 of them for like 7 bucks here. The only tricky part about this prank is blowing them all up, either bring an air compressor to work or get a bunch of your colleagues to assist you with the inflating.

Screenshot_2021-04-12 34 of the Best Off

Source: Reddit

Talk To The Toaster Prank

A simple prank that only a few people will fall for. Simply put a sign on the toaster that says "voice activated". Lord knows what people will be yelling at their bread trying to make it cook faster or pop up but it is sure to catch at least one or two people out. Especially if it is breakfast time and they are still half asleep!

Screenshot_2021-04-13 34 of the Best Off

Grass In The Keyboard Prank

Your victim will be extremely confused when they show up to work and have a keyboard that is reminiscent of their front lawn. 

To execute this prank you simply need an old keyboard, some dirt and some seeds that you can purchase at your local garden store. Chia seeds work pretty well for this but take your pick of your favourite herb or seed.

Take the keys off of the keyboard, spread dirt around it and plant the seeds, wait a couple of days for the seeds to sprout and then place the keys back on and swap keyboards with your victim.


Blue Screen Crash Prank

People who are familiar with computers know that one thing that you ever want to see is the "blue screen of death". This means that your computer is in serious trouble and is going to take a while to fix.

For this prank simply use the picture below and change it to your victims screen saver when they are away to lunch.

Screenshot_2021-04-14 An unusual Windows

The Post It Note Prank

The post it note special! If you have enough preparation time you can always cover your targets car or workspace in post it notes. You are actually able to purchase various colours of post it notes so why not use you post it note artistic skills and write a nice word on the side of their car or possible even draw a picture with them!

Car Pranks

Cling film Wrapped Car

There is one way to keep a car fresh and prank your victim at the same time, just wrap it up in cling film aka gladwrap. It will no doubt take your victim a long time to remove the cling film and that will be pretty angry at this so you better watch your back for their revenge prank!

If you want to make this embarrassing as well as frustrating for them, do the wrapping when their car is in a public place or possibly in their work car park so that their colleagues get a laugh too. If you want to make this prank have more of a space theme you can use tin foil instead of cling film, note that this is easier for your victim to remove.

Screenshot_2021-04-14 Student pranksters

The Whistling Car Prank

Your victim is going to think that they have a serious automotive repair bill when they hear their car whistling when they hit the accelerator!

For this prank just simply buy the car whistle prank item here for like 6 bucks and stick it in your prank victims exhaust pipe, too easy. This will also be very embarrassing for them as they make a pretty serious noise as you can see in the video below.

The Stones In The Hubcap Prank

Not quite as cool as the whistling car prank but still effective and also free! To execute this prank, simply remove a hubcap on your victims car and insert some stones in there. Too easy!

It will make a clunky and rattling noise and they will assume that something is not right with their car and it is time for a visit to their local mechanic.


Screenshot_2021-04-14 HUBCAPS-HOW TO INS

The Car For Sale Prank

For this prank you simply advertise the persons car in the local newspaper and online. In the advert make sure that you give the persons mobile phone number and say "please phone xxxxx for all queries." To get pictures of the car you can either take photos of the victims car or just google pictures of the same make model and color.

To ensure that your victim receives a lot of calls make sure that you advertise the car at a price that is really low, this is a sure fire way to attract a lot of customers.


Screenshot_2021-04-15 NZ new car sales c

Car Won't Start Prank

Nothing is more frustrating than when your car won't start, especially if you are in a hurry to get somewhere.

An easy way to sabotage somebody's car is to simply unclip the battery, no lasting damage will be done apart from possibly your relationship with the victim.

Cars are not toys and you have to be safety conscious when dealing with things under the hood. Here are instructions from car and safety on how to disconnect a car battery safely.

Screenshot_2021-04-15 How to Disconnect

The Beeping Car Prank

There is a device which you can buy here which beeps at random intervals between 5 minutes and 60 minutes. In order to make your victim feel like they are going bonkers, simply remove one of the internal panels in the car and stash the device there. Many panels on cars simply click off with a little help.

This device lasts 3 years! and because the beeping is at such long intervals the victim has no chance in finding the source of the beeping!

Screenshot_2021-04-15 Amazon com Annoyin

The Licence Plate Prank


You are able to purchase funny prank licence frames, simply get your hands on one of these and stick it on your victims rear plate when they are not watching!

Your victim will be driving around with everybody thinking that they need to use the bathroom! Hey, it may even get them off a speeding ticket if the cop understands the stress of diarrhea.

Screenshot_2021-04-15 Amazon com Slap-Ar

The Car Full Of Crap Prank


Filling your victims car with manure like the pictures below is 10 out of 10 on the savage scale. If you don't want their car to pretty much be ruined you can just use some cheap balloons like these or something a little less toxic like colorful confetti. Then again, maybe your victim deserves a car full of cow manure, if that is the case, just go visit your local farm or order some poo online!

Screenshot_2021-04-15 Car Pranks.png

Source: Funny Junk

Other Pranks And Practical Jokes

The Covid Mask That Isn't A Mask Prank

If you are feeling like pranking multiple people at the same time, you can purchase a prank covid protective mask that looks like you have pulled your mask down but really it is just a print on top of the mask. Here is a video and story of a guy that trolls people with his fake but real mask. You won't break the bank with these either. They 6 bucks from Amazon.


The Sewn Up Sleeve Prank


For this prank you just need a needle and a thread and access to your victims shirt. Simply take the needle and thread sew up the shirt just before the cuff. It will take them a little while to figure out why they can't get their hand through their sleeve!

Probably best to do this to one of their older shirts and not their newest work shirt!

This prank is similar to short sheeting someones bed but is a little more creative.

The Cling Film On The Toilet Prank


An old prank but nonetheless a classic one. Basically you just place cling film over the toilet bowl and when you victim does their business it will literally backfire on them. They will think that the toilet has somehow developed deflector shields!

This is a pretty messy prank so maybe best to perform it at your victims house or workpplace rather than at your own home. Here is a video of how to set it up plus a great reaction video.

The Lottery Prank


The ideal birthday prank present! Give them the thrill of winning the lottery. You can actually buy winning prank lottery tickets. Simply give them the ticket for their birthday, christmas present or just because and watch them as they think they have struck an absolute goldmine!

Here is a video of how it played out for one family. You can buy the fake lottery tickets here.

The Pregnancy Prank


If you are really looking to blow your partner (or ex partner's) or even a friends mind, you can actually fake a pregnancy in an extremely realistic fashion. There is a website dedicated to this prank which offers everything from fake sonograms to fake DNA tests and even fake bellies!

Screenshot_2021-04-16 Silicone Fake Preg

Bookmark us, we have even more pranks on the way! For now check out our funny jokes and news stories here

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