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Man Trolls Strangers With Fake Mask

Photo ref: Montreal CTV News

Dan Atlan is one cheeky prankster, he designed a face mask that makes it look like you have your face mask pulled down, even though you don't really!

Dan works for Kusteez which is an apparel accessories manufacturer.

Dan was quoted saying "It's really serious times right now and I'm a sh#t disturber. I love to bother people," he said with a laugh. "They're so on edge today, telling you, 'Wear your mask! Please put your mask on!' So it's kind of, 'I got you!'"

There are some pretty funny videos of Dan getting people worked up over him not wearing his mask correctly (even though he really is!)

The video below has gone completely viral. At first Karen is triggered by Dan's poor PPE face mask wearing, or should we say fake mask wearing!

Dan has gone completely viral with his clever mask design, he went from having 50 followers to 130k in a week!

And I know the question that you are wanting to ask and the answer is yes! You can actually buy these sort of masks on Amazon and they even have different shades and looks to match your own personal skin tone and facial features. More info below

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