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A Real Life Grinch Showed Up To Ruin Christmas

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

The Grinch stealing presents from a family

A household who were expecting a visit from Santa this year got one serious surprise when the Grinch showed up to steal gifts as opposed to giving them.

A video has gone completely viral of the Grinch showing up at a house and 2 little boys having quite the reaction to this green Christmas villain.

“Get out of my house!” one of the boys can be heard shouting as his father grabs the child out of the Grinch’s reach.

To be fair, that young lad is extremely brave! Even after the Grinch leaves the house with stolen gifts, the boy keeps chasing him and insists that he return the stolen gifts.

“Not stealing presents without a fight in this house!” the mother captioned the video.

As expected, the internet has had mixed reactions to this prank. The good news for the kids is that apparently after the Grinch's visit, he actually returned and put all the gifts back under the Christmas tree.

Here are some of the comments on the controversial prank.

That kid was so serious with them punches

Horribly awesome, tell the kids this is what happens to mom and dad during tax season!

If my kids first instinct is to batter the Grinch, I think taking their presents was a good step in their recovery

That kids gonna grow up to have some serious anger issues

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