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The Best Bike Bait Pranks

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Before we delve into the greates bike bait pranks of all time. Let's look at what a bike bait prank is.

What is a bike bait prank?

Imagine a prank that not only entertains but also teaches a lesson in the most unexpected way. Bike bait pranks are like the universe's way of saying, 'Hey, don't even think about taking something that isn't yours!' It's a humorous take on instant karma, where potential thieves get a taste of their own medicine in the most surprising way possible. Who knew that a simple bike could become the ultimate prankster and guardian of justice all rolled into one?

Let's start off with one of Joey Salads bike bait pranks.

The unsuspecting bike thief thinks that they are home free as they pedal awy until "KABLAM!" the bike locks up and they are sent flying over the handlebars.

Rebel TV used this same technique on a few unsuspecting would be thieves. Watch below.

Now it is time to step it up another level. This time the unsuspecting bike burglar attempts to make off with their ill-gotten two wheeled prize, a surprise electric jolt leaves them with a hair raising experience they won't soon forget. It is the universes way of saying "sorry buddy, this ride is not for you!" Who knew comedy and karma could be so electrifying?

Now we move on to what is possibly the most brutal of all bike bait pranks. While it may seem like a simple seat, unsuspecting souls who attempt to take a peaceful perch on a rigged bike may find themselves in for a nasty surprise! As they go to sit, the seat suddenly gives way, leaving them puzzled and perhaps a bit sore in the rear end. It's a quirky twist that turns the act of taking a load off into an unexpected nightmare.

Hopefully all these thieves learned a valuable lesson about stealing! If it is not yours, do not take it. Pretty simple!

If you enjoy pranks then make sure that you check out our pranks page.

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