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Man Farts Whilst Looking People In The Eyes

Updated: Jan 30

Comedian "Super Stupid Poop" is no stranger to pushing boundaries, but perhaps his most surprising and unorthodox comedic tool is the use of carefully orchestrated fart sound effects.

Whether it's in the midst of a conversation with unsuspecting bystanders or in the aisles of a grocery store, the strategic placement of these unexpected noises has become a hallmark of his performances.

What ensues is a fascinating blend of shock, disbelief, and often uproarious laughter, as audiences are caught off guard by this unconventional comedic approach.

"Super Stupid Poop" has stated "Some people laugh hysterically, some people get angry and mad, some people are stunned, surprised, and disgusted, but most of them move away quickly. I call it "clearing out the public" with farts. Laughing is probably the best reaction but most people run. I guess they don't want to smell stinky farts."

By incorporating such unconventional elements into his act, Comedian "Super Stupid Poop" challenges traditional notions of humor while leaving a lasting, if not bewildered, impression on those who encounter his unique brand of comedy.

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