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Car Thief Crashes Into Car Thief

A police chase of a car thief ended in a very unique way in Oregon USA, the car thief crashed the stolen SUV into another stolen car!

A call had gone out to the police about a missing Land Cruiser in the local Oregon area and the cops were lucky enough to find Randy driving it through town moments later.

The police tried to get Randy to pull over and instead of being compliant with the order, Randy decided to flee and the chase was on!

The chase eventually came to a halt when Randy crashed his newly stolen Landcruiser into another car which was a Buick Regal being driven by Kristin Nicole Beugue.

After some crash investigation police were delighted to find that the Buick that Randy crashed into was reported stolen 3 weeks ago. The police were able to also arrest Ms Beuge who apparently was under the influence of substances.

Car Thieves That crashed into each other

The Newberg-Dundee Police Department tweeted out that the 2 incidents were not related.

And as always, the comments on social media over the incident did not fail to disappoint.

Vicki @PDXvikipedia Can't make this stuff up

Abby Sweet @sweetabby1 Oh, Yamhill County.

You Can't Make This Sh1t up

Well, we think it is proof that Radiohead were onto something with their song "Karma Police"!

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