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Man Calls Phone Number on Public Toilet Wall Hoping for a "Good Time" - Satire

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

man urinating in public toilet


In a stunning twist of fate, local man Tom Johnson decided to take a chance and dial the phone number that enticingly promised a "good time" when he stumbled upon it on a public toilet wall. What he discovered on the other end of the line, however, left him shaking his head and contemplating the utter absurdity of life's little surprises. Sharon, as it turned out, was not after a good time in the way Johnson had imagined, but was passionately selling vacuum cleaners.

Through the hushed whispers of the bathroom echo, Johnson hoped to find a clandestine rendezvous, a thrilling adventure, or maybe just someone wanting to discuss the latest TikTok trends. Instead, he found himself engaged in a conversation about suction power, cordless technology, and the miraculous crumbs-eradicating abilities of Sharon's top-of-the-line vacuum models.

In disbelief, Johnson asked, "Are you sure this is the 'good time' people are looking for?" To which Sharon confidently replied, "Absolutely! Nothing brings joy like a perfectly clean home. And you, my friend, are in dire need of a top-notch vacuum cleaner."

As Sharon rambled on about the wonders of her vacuum collection, Johnson's dreams of excitement and thrill in the hidden pockets of life's adventures slowly deflated. Gone were the vivid images of secret rendezvous and thrilling escapades, replaced by the image of spotlessly cleaned carpets and pristine upholstery.

"I never thought I'd be discussing vacuum cleaners on a Tuesday afternoon," Johnson shrugged, clearly puzzled by the bizarre turn of events. He had expected an exhilarating encounter, but instead found himself caught in the whirlpool of Sharon's sales pitch, despairing at the loss of what he thought would be a captivating experience.

Sharon, it seemed, had come up with a clever marketing strategy. Promising a "good time" lured unsuspecting individuals like Johnson into her web, where they would be subjected to an hour-long presentation about the latest vacuum cleaner advancements. Whether this strategy would work in her favor or send customers running for the hills remained to be seen. It was a strange approach, to say the least, but Sharon seemed hell-bent on making it work.

As Johnson hung up the phone, he let out a sigh of resignation, realizing that the excitement he had hoped for was nothing more than a cruel illusion. But all was not lost. For even in the world of vacuum cleaners and dust-busting marvels, there were valuable lessons to be learned. Perhaps, Johnson pondered, this odd encounter was a reminder that our expectations can often lead us astray, blindsided by the unexpected realities that life throws our way.

So, the next time you stumble upon a phone number promising a "good time" on a public toilet wall, think twice. Because, as Tom Johnson discovered, what may seem like an exhilarating adventure could just be an attempt to sell you a vacuum cleaner.

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