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Dad Attempts To Eat The Worst Tasting Fish In The World

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Man attempting stinky fish challenge with Surstromming fish

There is a rather interesting and smelly challenge going around the world called the "Stinky Fish Challenge" whereby the participant attempts to eat some canned fish from Sweden called "Surstromming".

Doesn't sound too hard right? Well think again, this canned fish is absolutely potent in terms of flavour and stench. The fish is famed for being the worlds smelliest fish! The odour is strong enough to knock your socks off!

So why does this Surstromming fish smell so bad? The fish smells so intense because of its extended fermentation time, which enables it to develop an extremely intense strong smell and acidic taste.

In the video below a Scottish gent from Inverness by the name of Donald Maclennan and his two sons Robbie, 11, and Jamie, 5 have a go at the stinky fish challenge. It does not go quite as they would have expected.

If that wasn't enoough Stinky Fish Challenge action for you, check out these 4 blokes below who give the challenge a try with hilarious results.

There is actually a proper way to prepare and eat the Surstromming fish and it is certainly not the way portrayed in the videos above! You are only supposed to have small amounts of the fish at once, kind of like anchovies and you are supposed to open the can under water!

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