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Horse Helps Cat Take A Bath

Horse pulling funny face and smiling

On a farm in Kansas, Simba the cat thought that it would be a great idea to take a drink from the filling water tank.

Frosty the horse felt that Simba the cat could use a little bit of a bath in addition to a drink of water. What a very thoughtful horse indeed!

Now we are not 100% sure if Frosty the horse is a bit of a prankster or is a clean freak but either way this occurrence made for a very funny video.

This is not this only time a horse has decided to relocate a kitty cat. In another horse/cat video, the cat felt the need to rest in the horses area.

Unfortunately for the cat, it was not as welcome as it thought it would have been and one of the horses decides to pick the cat up with his big horse teeth and launch the cat into oblivion!

The good news is that the cat was not harmed in any way so yes, you can feel guilt free when watching and laughing at the hilarious video below

If you enjoyed the above videos then no doubt you will get a laugh out of this horse who passes a mammoth amount of gas. Story and video here

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