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Maggie The Dog Must Be The Happiest Dog Ever

Maggie, the happiest dog ever

We may have found the happiest, smiliest doggo ever!

Whilst pet boarding facilities for dogs can sometimes be a bit ruff, pun intended. Most kennels offer plenty of love and care, being separated from their humans can really tug at a pup's heartstrings. But then, there's Maggie - the Labrador Retriever who seems to have a perpetual supply of sunshine and rainbows, even in temporary digs. A delightful video shared by The Pawms Pet Resort is all the proof you need.

Maggie is basically the canine version of a 'life of the party' type. Like, have you ever seen a sad balloon at a birthday bash? Nope, neither have I. That's Maggie as a dog.

One fine morning, an employee decided to greet Maggie, and what a grand reception it was! With eyes half-shut but tail wagging like a windmill on steroids, Maggie showered the visitor with warmth and good vibes.

"Good morning, Maggie!" the woman behind the camera squealed, practically melting into a puddle of mush. Watch the video below.

Viewers couldn't get enough of Maggie's infectious joy, flooding the comments section with love and admiration for this perpetually smiling furball. Some even confessed they'd risk their jobs for a chance at sneaking in for some puppy cuddles. Hey, who wouldn't want a daily dose of Maggie's beaming face to kickstart the day, right?

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