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Man Cooks Steak In Toaster, Burns House To The Ground

Steak being cooked in a toaster

A kiwi man who was trying to cook a steak in his toaster was unsuccessful. Whilst the steak was cooking in the toaster the man left the house to go and buy some hot chips but upon returning he was disappointed to find that he had set fire to his house and burned everything down.

You may be wondering why the unnamed man decided to cook some steak in toaster. Where would you get an idea like this? Well, there are currently plenty of videos trending on social media and YouTube of people cooking steak in toaster. Check out the video below of steak in a toaster.

The man was even more disappointed when he discovered that his insurance company was not going to give him a full payout. The man and his partner have since contacted the IFSO (Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman) to lodge a complaint and attempt to get a further 200k paid out.

The reason that the insurance company is only paying out 418k and not a penny more is because the couples insurance policy had changed from replacement cover to total sum insured.

The IFSO Ombudsman Karen Stevens said that in this particular case, the fire was preventable.

“Cooking steak in a toaster is literally a recipe for disaster. To have then left the house and toaster unattended for the sake of hot chips must be a constant source of regret. Never, never leave cooking unattended, even if you think you’ll just be a minute – and please, use your appliances for the purpose for which they designed. Toasters are for toast.”

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