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Man's Hilarious Visit To Antartica

Funny man in Antarctica

Move over David Attenborough! There is a new wildlife guru in town!

The @isthebrucetv Twitter account has captivated audiences with its engaging and downright hilarious content related to Antarctica.

In a particularly noteworthy video, the account holder humorously drinks sea water and claims that "it is very salt, like urination" .

He then goes on to providing insights into the region's volcanic lava formations. Or more specifically "1999 the volcanic erections started here."

Moreover, an intriguing mention of the King of Norway's house in the ocean and how "he is scared from everybody" adds a touch of curiosity to the narrative.

This unique blend of humor and fascinating information would bring a refreshing perspective to the exploration of Antarctica, however he is not even in Antartica, he seems to be near the Arctic Ocean and has gotten a little bit confused!

Viewers love this blokes work too

“When the lava coming out like: khourtha khourtha khourtha” bro that’s my fav part right there lmao

8 months ago

I like how he make sound bout lava holohorohoror haha

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