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Men Speak To Imaginary Owls For A Year

Owl With A Confused Look

The year was 1996 and the location was Devon, England, where Neil Simmons ventured out to his garden every evening to talk with the owls. Neil would stand there and call out with a "twit-twoo" to speak with the owls.

Neil had many nights with no response but he persisted with the hope of a response from a real life owl. One night he was lucky enough to actually hear an owl reply with a "twit-twoo" and not only that, he kept on receiving responses to his hooting night after night.

Now the interesting part is that Mr Simmons did not know that there was another fan of owls in the community, enter Fred Cornes. Now Fred had heard some hooting and decided to call back to the owls every evening but what Fred and Mr Simmons didn't realise was that they were just hooting at each other!

The hilarious part about these two owl lovers hooting at each other is that it took them over a year to realise that they were not actually communicating with real owls but in fact hooting at each another! Brilliant!

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